7 Cold and Flu Remedies for Kids

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Since we have all been plauged for three weeks now, I figured I’d share the 7 cold and flu remedies that we can’t live without when our kids are sick!

As an ER nurse and mom of two, I do just about everything I can at home to keep my girls out of the Doctor’s office during cold and flu season! Because let’s be real, if they didn’t have it already going in, then they’ll probably be taking it home with them. Unfortunately nasty viruses are usually the culprit, and ultimately you just have to ride them out. Obviously, you should always listen to your Mama gut and consult your pediatrician if you are worried about your kiddos’ health. But, I just wanted to share some of our must have remedies for the kids, in hopes that it may help when the cold and flu viruses hit your home!

Cold and Flu Remedies for Kids

Nose Frida

Okay, the Nose Frida is probably my number one must have, cold and flu season holy grail item, especially for babies! If you have a baby, you need this snot sucker! Sounds gross, but truly works wonders to keep those little tiny nostrils clear! Remember, babies are obligate nose breathers! So if those little noses are totally plugged, they aren’t able to breathe as well as you or I when we are stuffed up.Frida Baby Nose Frida Snot Sucker

Saline Nose Spray

The Saline Nose Spray goes along with the Nose Frida, in that it helps keep everything loose and helps flush out the junk. I typically spray this mist up in, and then immediately after use the Nose Frida to suck it all out. There are many brands out there to choose from, this is just one we commonly use.The best cold and flu season remedies for babies and kids

Lolleez Organic Throat Soothing Pops

These Lolleez Throat Pops are my cold and flu season holy grail for my toddler. If you have a toddler, then you know how difficult it can be to get any medications into them, so these Throat Soothing Pops are a lifesaver. Mila loves them, and even asks for them when she’s not sick. They also have Tumeez Pops for nausea, which are equally as amazing.Lolleez Organic Throat Pops for Kids

Maty’s Baby Chest Rub/Cough Syrup

This Maty’s Baby Chest Rub is another can’t-live-without item for us. You can put it on babies as young as three months, and I’ve been known to use it for myself too! I swear it almost instantly opens up their airway, not to mention it smells amazing. Their organic cough syrups are also a household staple for us.Cold and Flu Remedies for Babies

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier 

We have one of these Crane Humidifiers in the girls room, as well as our room, and use them all winter long, not just during cold and flu season. The thing I love about this particular one, is that it’s not a total eye sore like most of them. It also comes in a bunch of fun colors to match whatever color scheme you have.

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

Zarbee’s Children’s Elderberry Immune Support

Our whole family actually takes Elderberry supplements year-round, but it’s especially necessary during cold and flu seaon to give your immune system that extra boost! Mila loves her ‘buzzy bee vitamins’ as she calls them! My husband and I take Elderberry syrup that is made by a friend locally, and tastes absolutely delicious!Boost your kid's immune system during cold and flu season!

Shower Steam

This is clearly not shown in the photo above, however really is a game changer in my opinion, especially for babies. Whenever my girls are sick, I steam up the bathroom with the water all the way on hot, and we sit or play in there for ten or so minutes. I use this time to put on the chest rub, and use the Nose Frida as the steam loosens up the mucous. We do this every few hours when they’re really sick, and even during nighttime wake ups if they’re too miserable to fall back asleep. You of course want to be careful not to stay in there too long so they don’t get dehydrated though.

I wish you all a healthy school year and winter, however when the time comes to fight off the upper respiratory bugs, I hope these 7 cold and flu remedies for kids may help! If you have any cold and flu remedies that you swear by, I’d love for you to tell me in the comments below!

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