Big Sister Hospital Bag

Big Sister Hospital Bag Gift Idea

I spent the majority of my pregnancy with our second daughter worrying about how it would affect our first, and how she would handle the transition of becoming a big sister and having to share our attention. I also spent a lot of time imagining the day she would meet her baby sister and I really wanted to make it feel extra special for her.

The idea behind her Big Sister Bag was to not only entertain her while she visited us at the hospital but also to share some of the excitement with her and make her feel like it was not just all about the baby. We told her that the gift was from baby sister and that made it all the more special for her.

So what was in the bag?

Big Sister Hospital Bag

The bag itself is the adorable mini blush bag from Fawn Design. Aside from some of her favorite snacks, and a new Water Wow to keep her busy – inside was a fun VTech camera for her to take pictures of her baby sister with, a Big Sister T-Shirt from WillowBee Apparel (the Big Sister dress pictured is the one she wore to the hospital), The Baby is Here! Daniel Tiger book, new Minnie slippers to wear while she visited us, and I think my favorite thing was a custom “Big Sister” necklace from WickedlyMod. I have a necklace with the girls’ names on it and I wore it for the first time at Amari’s baby shower. Mila has called it my “party necklace” ever since and has asked me dozens of time for a “party necklace like Mama’s”, so this Big Sister one will be extra special for her, and it’s something she can keep forever.

Mila far exceeded our expectations at the hospital meeting her baby sister for the first time and melted our hearts into puddles on the floor. I do honestly think her special Big Sister Bag played a role in that experience! It was like a little Birthday celebration for our newest girl. She was celebrated with so much love and even had songs sung to her by her big sister! We couldn’t be more in love!

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