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As soon as the temperatures drop, and the leaves begin to change here in New England, I break out all of my Fall decor favorites! I like to keep things pretty simple and choose pieces that aren’t too trendy, that I can get use out of for at least a few years.


You can never go wrong with neutrals! I try to always stick to a pretty neutral palette, and add just a few pops of color. I love anything buffalo plaid, or faux fur for Fall decor, because they can be used as part of your Winter decor as well. For the most part, I try to be very intentional about adding decor that will get me through the entire season. For instance, I never really decorate for Halloween, I keep it to just generalized Fall Decor. This Fall was the first year I did any Halloween decorating, and that was just in the girls’ Playroom.

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Pops of Color

This year, I added a pop of color with pumpkin colored pillows. In my opinion, you can never have too many throw pillows. My husband would definitely beg to differ! So what I’ve been trying to do lately is use some of the pillows I already have and just swap out the pillow covers. Amazon always has so many affordable pillow cover options! I’m loving all the trends with poms, tassels, or velour to add an unexpected boho feel.

Another affordable and simple way to add a pop of color, is just switching out a throw blanket! This is another home decor item that I cannot get enough of. We usually have a stack in the living room at all times, because we live in Maine, and unfortunately have more colder months than hot ones. With two dogs and two kids, our throw blankets don’t usually last too long anyway before they’re stained and gross. Plus I’ll take any excuse to buy a cozy new throw.

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Boho Decor

Overall, I would say our home decor style is modern boho inspired. I love all things macrame, eucalyptus, and faux fig all year round. But, they just seem extra cozy during the Fall. You can add any of these pieces to your home for an instant boho feel.

I hope these Fall Decor Favorites at least gave you a starting point if you’re looking to change things up in your home this year! Like I said, don’t be afraid to keep some of this up all Winter, or even all year for a cozy boho feel. You can visit my Amazon Shop for lots more of my home decor favorites!

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