Living Room Update with Ameriwood Home

Our living room furniture was in need of a little makeover, so when Ameriwood Home offered us some of their gorgeous pieces in exchange for an honest review we were thrilled! A lot of the furniture we had previously was a blend of Myles’ and mine, and has moved with us from apartment to apartment throughout the years, and finally landed in our home. We’ve made it work up until now, because it’s what we had, but truthfully some of these old pieces I have despised and been longing to get rid of for quite some time. The pieces we replaced were dark and bulky, and just sort of there. They didn’t bring anything to the room. Our new Owen Retro End Tables, and Vaughn TV Console make our living room look and feel way more open, light, and functional. I was honestly blown away at the quality of our pieces for their price point; you really cannot beat it. It was such an easy upgrade that made a huge difference in our living space.


It really is amazing how upgrading just a few pieces of furniture can completely change the look and feel of a room, and even your home. I’ve always loved mid-century modern style furniture, and with a little mix of boho accents, our living room finally feels like a space that represents “home” to us.


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