Marriage 101

In honor of our two year wedding anniversary a few days ago, I decided to publish something I wrote a few months ago on marriage, after doing the dishes for the first time in what felt like forever. I’m sure as the years go by my thoughts about it will change some, but I’m hoping the principles will stay the same.

In a short two and a half-ish years we got engaged, bought our first house, planned a wedding, got married, had our first child, and have managed to keep her alive for just over a year. To say we have had our share of trials and tribulations is an understatement. But what I can tell you, is we are surviving, and we are happy.  Let’s face it, we live in a world with all the odds against us when it comes to relationships and marriage. It seems like more and more I am seeing friends, relatives, and coworkers in miserable relationships, getting divorced, or getting darn close to it. With two years of marriage under our belts I certainly don’t claim to know it all or be a professional at this. There are times we fight like hell. What I am here to tell you, is that it’s possible. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s possible.

To be honest, in the last year I have hardly touched a dirty dish, cooked a meal, or cleaned the house unless I absolutely had to. I owe that to my husband. He is truly my rock. Call it being a first time mom, postpartum depression, just a funk, or pure exhaustion. Either way, he has kept me and this house afloat and for that I am so grateful. He wakes up early with me on my work days to help get me and Mila out of the house. He wakes up with Mila on my days off to let me get a few extra hours of sleep, and has coffee ready for me when I wake up. That takes a special man. He has stepped it up bigger than I ever could have imagined. Just over a year later I’m feeling like I am finally getting back to myself and like I can tread water again.

So the moral of this story is, life is going to throw you some crazy, and challenging stuff, so you’ve got to pick the right person to get you through it all. Don’t settle. Don’t marry for the dream wedding, marry for the marriage. Marry for the partnership, learn to have respect for each other no matter how heated things get, and learn how to effectively communicate. That’s what marriage is about. Working through all of the hard stuff, and supporting each other no matter what.

Now here are a few of my favorite wedding photos… because let’s be real, after the wedding, anniversaries are the only time you get to gush over your own wedding photos again!


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