Mila’s Nursery

I finally took the time to hang a gallery wall in Mila’s room, which naturally I’ve had the frames for since before she was born, so over a year. It’s apparently the summer of gallery walls, because this is the second one I’ve done in the last few weeks. Before that however, the walls in essentially every room of our house have been bare, and we moved in over two years ago. I blame my indecisiveness and OCD for this. I have always loved the look of a finely executed gallery wall, but I cannot handle asymmetry and it actually stresses me out. One thing motherhood has surely taught me is to let go of some of the nit-picky things I have always been prone to, and embrace the imperfections. There are still plenty of bare walls in my house, but we are getting there! Baby steps!


One advantage to my procrastination hanging her gallery wall, is that I was able to sneak in one of the gorgeous photos my talented sister took for Mila’s first birthday. I love that she will be able to see the maternity photos of her still in my belly, one from her newborn shoot, and then her first birthday. The thing I love most about gallery walls is that you can always add to them flawlessly as the memories are made.


This timeless mid-century modern tufted chair and ottoman were my grandmothers, and I have loved them for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my siblings and I would fight over who got to sit and play in the chair that sat in the corner of her living room, complete with a shag carpet, white and gold rotary phone, and a standing brass ashtray.  The fact that I get to enjoy it now in my own home is such a blessing. The ottoman is actually red but I chose to cover it with the faux fur, leaving the original fabric intact underneath.


Mila’s changing table is actually two sets of drawers that were also my grandmother’s, that can used be side by side like I have them, or stacked if you remove the feet off one. I originally found them stacked on top of each other, hidden away in a closet at her place. They were a beautiful mint color with gold wooden legs. The paint was in need of restoration, and I decided on white since it is just so versatile, but kept the original gold feet and hardware.


I made this feather dream catcher mobile to hang over Mila’s crib while I was still pregnant with her, dreaming of meeting her for the first time and envisioning it hanging in her room for years to come. Growing up, one of my great Aunt’s showed us how to make dream catchers using yarn and sticks we found in the woods, and I remember having one hang over my bed for the longest time. This one I made for Mila took an embarrassing amount of time to get it just right, but I am so in love with how it turned out.


I just love that Mila’s room is a mix of old and new. She has timeless sentimental pieces passed on through generations, with pops of modern decor to make it her own. Mila will often sneak away and when I go looking for her, the majority of the time I will find her sitting quietly in her room, with all her books pulled onto the floor, reading by herself. It’s one of the things she does that melts my heart most. I mean, just look at those cute little feet tucked under her bum! Oh my heart!


I ended up switching out the bins that hold all her bows and bibs, because she empties them onto her floor at least 5 times a day, and she hasn’t quite figured out how to remove the new bins yet. #momwin. Simplicity is key in our chaotic world, and thankfully we have a playroom to help keep things manageable, which I will be sure to share another day!


xo Amy

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