Before you really know what #momlife means, you think you know, but you don’t. Until you do. #momlife is legitimately a way of life, not just a saying.

#momlife is having your daughter dressed like a Pinterest baby model, meanwhile considering dry shampoo as a perfectly acceptable form of bathing…for the fourth day in a row.

#momlife is leaving a trail of snacks wherever you go. And picking up a million animal crackers off the dressing room floor when you finally try to buy clothing that doesn’t consist of yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

#momlife is reaching into your work bag to find your badge, and shuffling through an assortment of crushed snacks, and a half eaten apple. And finding goldfish in every crevice of your car.

#momlife is watching your kid chew up and swallow an entire mouthful of dirt, and giggling a bit when she looks up at you with a face like “how could you let me do that”.

#momlife is showing up to work smelling like maple syrup, or peanut butter because it’s on your shoulder or in your hair somewhere.

#momlife is running out of the house to go grocery shopping, and realizing you both have a fruit punch mustache when you look at yourself in the rear view mirror. And just to be clear, “running out of the house” means spending well over an hour feeding, cleaning, chasing, cleaning, changing your toddler, packing enough snacks to feed a small army, then wrestling them into the car. With a snack…that will end up crushed and thrown across the car.

#momlife is watching other moms on social media still manage to find time to work out, dress like a functional member of society, cook a healthy meal for the entire family, AND make their bed…and wanting to tell them to EFF OFF.

#momlife also really IS the best life. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. It’s all worth it at the end of every crazy rat race of a day when I hear my sweet girl call me “Mama”, reach her sticky little hands up for me to pick her up, and it stops my heart every time she leans in for a kiss. She is what matters most.


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