My Reason

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to start for a few years now, and it’s something I’ve been thinking more and more about lately. I was never one to write in a journal, however I have always envied those who did. I have bought countless journals in my life, mostly because of how cute they looked, and sadly they all have maybe one or two entries at best. I have been writing ‘blog posts’ in the notes section of my iPhone for the last two or three years, but haven’t taken the time to draft them out; partially out of laziness, and partially out of fear of judgement. Sounds silly, but the world of social media and blogging is wildly competitive, and unfortunately judgmental. One thing I have been working on for myself over the last several years, is to care less about what people think. So with that being said, I finally decided to dive in.

During my long commute to work, and sleepless nights in bed, my mind is always racing with thoughts, memories and just random things I want to hold onto and not forget in the hustle of our day to day. Ever since I had Mila, I have had this increasing urge to document our days. Our time together is fleeting, and I am finding myself wanting to hold on to the moments and slow everything down. It feels like I blinked, and now she’s one. Like they say, the days are long, but the years are ever so short. So in a way, this will be my journal. These are the things I want to share, if with no one else, myself, and someday my children. If I gain a network of followers and people to share this life with along the way, even better!


Amy M xo

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