Shared Girls’ Toddler Room and Nursery

Blush and gold boho nursery and toddler room

I have had this room in my mind long before baby girl number two was on her way, and to see it finally coming together is like a dream! It is a total work in progress and far from done, but I figured I’d share it along the way. Our plan was that if this baby was a boy, he’d get Mila’s old (teeny tiny) room, and she’d be moved into this room which is our former guest room; if it were a girl, we’d move them both into this one, and make Mila’s old room an office.

Since we bought this house almost 4 years ago, our guest room has been a total waste of space, and it’s almost the size of our master bedroom – which in hindsight seems crazy. Mila’s old nursery was so small, it could be considered a glorified walk-in closet with a window. There was enough room for what she needed as an infant, and not much more. There was no space to play, or hangout really at all. She basically only slept in there.

This “new” room, is her new favorite space and it has us wondering why we didn’t think to put her in there sooner! Every time someone comes to the house she immediately drags them back to show them “her new room”. It’s the cutest thing ever. I was so worried about this big transition for her, because we moved her entire room to another location and transitioned her into a toddler bed literally all in one day. But she has taken it like a champ and couldn’t be happier with her new set up!

We still keep the majority of all her toys in the playroom (which is a total lifesaver), and try to just rotate out her stuffed animals, books, and a select few toys. Mostly because now that she recently upgraded to a toddler bed, she has a free reign to everything – aka the ability to destroy the entire room in under 5 minutes. Hence why for now, we are keeping things pretty plain, simple, and out of reach! The walls are still bare, so they will be a work in progress… baby steps.

I am the most indecisive person ever and hate putting holes in the walls for nothing. It literally took me 2.5 years to finally get things on Mila’s walls, just to now switch her room, so it will all come together with time. But I envision a big round mirror over the changing table and a photo wall of memories of both girls once baby sister is here. I will update this post once I finally decide what else is going on the walls but don’t hold your breath, because it could be awhile! 😉

If there is anything else you see and would like to know where it’s from, feel free to ask in the comments!

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  1. This room looks so good! I absolutely love those dressers as well!! I bet Mila is so excited to have more room to play!

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