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Christmas is ALMOST here! I’m getting so excited for Mila to really experience Christmas this year, and I’ve almost caved and given her so many of her gifts already! Stockings have always been one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas! As a kid I remember waking up suuuuper early on Christmas morning, I’m talking like 2:30a.m. and we would find our stockings laid out on the foot of our beds, and get to open them right then and there. They were always STUFFED with the best goodies. The rule was we had to stay in our rooms and not wake up the other siblings or parents until they woke up on their own, and we could just stay in bed and play with our tiny stocking gifts until then. Genius, right?! Keep the kids entertained for a while, and let Mom and Dad get a few extra hours of sleep. Needless to say, this is definitely a tradition we will also be doing with our family! So, here are a few ideas for last-minute stocking stuffers for him, her, and your toddler too! Enjoy!


|| FOR HIM ||

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  1. I get Myles a new winter hat, usually from Timberland almost every year, because he loses them, can never find one when he needs one… you get the point.
  2. We recently got an Amazon Echo Dot during Black Friday and LOVE it, so I thought this would be a perfect little gift for really anyone.
  3. I also get Myles a new pair of gloves almost every year for the same reasons already mentioned! But, I usually try to switch it up between nice “driving” gloves that he can wear to work, warm ones for being outside, or actual work gloves. I usually find them somewhere like Reny’s or L.L. Bean.
  4. I put fun socks in Myles’ stocking every single year as well. He wears suits to work, so he loves wearing fun socks, or coordinating them with the rest of his outfit. I usually get them at Burlington Coat Factory, but I actually saw them in the Target Dollar Spot this year, 3 pairs for only $3!
  5. Tie clips! Because this is another item that seems to always go missing in our house, and he wears them to work five days a week! You can find them on Amazon, at Burlington Coat Factory, or T.J.Maxx/Marshall’s.
  6. A new tie…because ketchup, BBQ sauce… I usually also get these at Burlington or T.J.Maxx because they have quality name brand ties for really cheap!
  7. Okay now this is actually something I just recently found out about when they were kind enough to send us a package, but Scentbird is a great gift idea for him or her! I feel like people think it’s only for women, but they have designer colognes for men too! It’s a monthly subscription and they send you a new scent every month! Myles wears cologne every day and he would LOVE this because at any given time he has about a half-dozen different colognes going! It’s more than enough to last the whole month, it’s not just a tiny sample size.
  8. I have a similar mug to this that Myles actually put in my stocking last year, and I bring it to work with me every day, and it keeps my coffee warm literally all day.
  9. Beard oil because nobody likes a scratchy harsh beard.

Some other stocking stuffers (the less fun ones) I usually include are…

  • Sriracha or another hot sauce
  • Beef Jerky
  • Protein Bars
  • Thin mints (my mom puts this in my dad’s stocking every year!)
  • Gum
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Chapstick
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nips of their favorite liquor, if they drink
  • Cigars if that’s their thing
  • Body wash
  • Loofa in the toe!

|| FOR HER ||

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Ladies, just go ahead and show your guy this list now, and save yourselves both the headache haha!

  1. I just recently bought myself my first Morphe palette, and was blown away with the quality in comparison to the price point. You can’t go wrong. The one pictured is not the exact one I got, which was sold out when I made the image, BUT they just put it back in stock today, so I linked it.
  2. I’ve been wanting this scent for a few years, and I have a tiny trial size of it that I wear occasionally, and get compliments on it every single time! I don’t get to wear perfume enough to make it worth buying the whole bottle, and to be honest, I just threw out half a bottle of Chanel perfume that basically went bad because I had it for so many years. So from now on, roller balls it is!
  3. This is my all time favorite blush, and for literally $1 more than what it cost all the time, you can get an amazing full size bronzer and travel size mascara in this set at Ulta! What?!
  4. This book is a must read!! If you haven’t read it yet, ask for it for Christmas, or just buy it for yourself. It would also make a GREAT gift for someone else too!
  5. Another genius and affordable subscription, BootayBag! This is a great gift idea to give yourself, or a busy, tired, new mom who won’t make the time to ever do something nice for herself. OR to save your boyfriend or hubby the embarrassment of trying to pick out underwear for you. It’s right up there with buying tampons.
  6. Okay. This body butter trio from Trader Joe’s is AMAZING! One of my coworkers introduced me to the Coriander one, and I immediately went and bought it. It smells like heaven and I would bathe in it if I could… if I ever even showered. Hence the next item…
  7. Dry shampoo is life, the end. If you haven’t tried this brand, do it.
  8. I also added the Echo Dot onto the gift guide for her because, everyone needs one.
  9. Smartwool socks are my faaaavorite! My parents get us these almost every year and they are just so so comfy and warm. This is another one of those gifts I actually look forward to. Another (way less warm) option would be the Target Dollar Spot 3-pack for women for only $3!

A few of the other less fun ideas for “Her”…

  • Candy/Chocolate
  • Bath bomb
  • Mini bottle of bubbly
  • Jewelry (some fun earrings!)
  • Candles
  • Nail Polish
  • Cotton rounds
  • Chapstick
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Deodorant
  • Body wash
  • Razors
  • Eye cream
  • Loofa in the toe!


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Other than a few bigger items, I usually fill Mila’s stocking with pretty basic/cheap things from like the Dollar store, just because at this age they really don’t know the difference. But here are a few fun items that are practical, and that your toddler won’t outgrow or be over with in like a week.

  1. Piggy Paint! I am in love with these, and Mila is finally getting to an age that she is taking interest in things like this! I especially love that they are “natural as mud” and non-toxic for your littles.
  2. This cup strap from Nuby has been a serious life saver (or germ saver)! I even use them for snack keepers, and her little stuffed animals that she sometimes insists on bringing with her into public.
  3. I am in love with this stainless steel 360 cup from Munchkin, and that it can keep drinks cold or warm for hours. This will be fun to use with some warm hot chocolate while playing outside in the snow!
  4. I am putting some teethers in her stocking this year because she’s been chewing on her hands lately, and is cutting some pretty big teeth. This one from Nuby seems fun and easy for her to hold. Teething is one of those things, just when you think you’re passed that stage, they start again.
  5. I got Mila a few different sets of flashcards from Dollar Tree, with shapes, colors, and numbers/letters that I thought would be a fun thing for her to grow into.
  6. Mila has loved these food pouches that Fruigees sent us, and they also make perfect and healthy stocking stuffers, as opposed to junk food. I put food pouches in her stocking last year too!
  7. These foam bath toys from Nuby are fun at any age! Bath toys get pretty gross after a while, so it’s good to switch them out often, plus it keeps bath time fun!
  8. Snack keepers are just a must for toddlers, and you can even put their favorite snack inside for a fun surprise! Plus my dogs seem to always find them and get the covers chewed in under 30 seconds so we go through a lot of these.
  9. We recently introduced these washable paints to Mila and she is obsessed with them! I under prepared for the mess, and they ended up on my rug and on the walls, and it washed RIGHT off with no trouble! So these are a win!

Some other items I’m including in her stocking this year, but that aren’t pictured are…

  • Double sided crayons from the Dollar Tree
  • A mini maraca
  • Costume Play jewelry
  • Hair bow
  • Bubble bath
  • Bath Crayons (Mila loves her’s from Nuby!)
  • Socks (because baby/toddler socks vanish even quicker than adult ones)
  • Some play dinosaurs from Dollar Tree
  • Stuffed animal to peek out the top
  • Apple in the toe!


The majority of these items I didn’t link, only because I got them from places like Amazon, or I wrote where it’s from in the description. If you have any trouble finding an item that isn’t linked, certainly let me know either by email or DM on Instagram, and I will gladly help you find it!

I hope you all enjoy the Holidays with the people you love about most!

xo, Amy

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