The Road Coat

As an ER nurse, car seat safety is something I am very passionate about, and while pregnant with Mila did entirely too much research on it. I still have so much anxiety about driving with her, at almost the age of two. I’m not sure it’s something I will ever not feel anxious about, but there are a few things that have certainly made me feel more at ease; picking out a steel frame car seat, taking the extra minute to buckle Mila in correctly EVERY SINGLE TIME, and The Road Coat. If you have done any sort of car seat safety research in recent years, you know that wearing winter jackets and/or snow suits while in a car seat is now contraindicated and considered to be unsafe. The recommendation is to take off their jackets prior to putting them into their car seat and living in Maine, unfortunately that is just not practical with our winter weather. One Kid has designed The Road Coat in a few varieties,which have all been tested for crash safety and are designed to keep your kiddos safe AND warm. The Vegan Road Coat is the one seen pictured above, and is rated for -10*F! They also make an even warmer down option, and a snow suit as well! We were fortunate to receive the Vegan Road Coat in exchange for review, and I can safely say that this is a product I will not ever go without, as long as I have little ones to buckle up!

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