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Looking for the perfect Holiday or Birthday Gift Idea for a Toddler?

I wasn’t sure I’d ever get this post up, because let’s face it, at 38 weeks pregnant I don’t have motivation for much lately. BUT, here it is!! Everything on here is even available on Amazon Prime or Target which has free two-day shipping right now, for those of you who are last minute shoppers like me! Don’t forget you can also shop online at Target, and do in-store pick up! I’ve found myself doing this more and more this pregnancy to avoid the stress of wrangling Mila through the store!

Let me start off by saying we already have entirely TOO. MANY. TOYS! I’m all about substituting experiences for toys when feasible, but with this new baby coming smack dab in the middle of influenza/RSV season, I don’t see us getting out much this winter. So, our main goal with gifts this year, has been self-play. This is something that Mila isn’t great at, and knowing much of my attention will need to be with the baby, I wanted to get things to encourage interactive and self-play. AKA to keep her occupied independently for as long as possible!

Looking for the perfect Holiday or Birthday Gift Idea for a Toddler?

I recently made her a “sensory bin” with an assortment of raw beans, some shovels from her sandbox and little critters I found on clearance, and at the dollar store. It’s been a major hit, she will play with it for hours! And by hours in “mom time” I mean realistically probably more like 30 minutes to an hour uninterrupted, but for a two year old that’s a long time! At first the thought of beans being dumped or thrown and ending up all over the house gave me major anxiety but right from the start I stressed to her that if the beans didn’t stay in the bin I would put it away and she has done REALLY well with it! Mom win!

So, needless to say a few of the items on this Toddler Gift Guide will be made into additional sensory bins that I will just swap out when she gets bored of one. It’s so easy to change them up with seasonal knick knacks, different tools, or swap out little toys to create themes (bugs, aquatic animals, dinosaurs, shapes, etc). Other more obvious things we got her that aren’t on this Gift Guide, is a small play-doh set with tools/gadgets and another bag of mega blocks, because she needed more to really build anything substantial.

The hei-hei chicken from Moana is more of a joke because she had a total meltdown in Target like two+ months ago because I wouldn’t buy it for her. I told her maybe Santa would bring it for her, thinking (hoping) she’d likely forget all about it, but nooope! Every time we ask her what she is asking Santa for, she says “Ho Ho bringing me Hei-Hei”. Did I mention it squawks reeeally loud, and it doesn’t have a volume button? Don’t get it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season with your loved ones and hopefully you got a few last minute Christmas, or ideas for an upcoming Birthday!

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